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Mitch's Clients Agree:

"Feedback from our membership was excellent. Your message of self-improvement and leadership struck a chord with our Human Resources audience. Many commented afterwards on how they can link creativity and a new perspective to their daily duties. Clearly, you are highly motivated, detail oriented, organized, responsible and most of all, skilled entertainer. You have more than met our expectations."

Wendy Braun,
Society of Human Resource Management Southwest Chicago Suburbs Chapter.

"One of the difficulties of being a leader in today's fast paced environment is finding a way to inspire people in a way that is memor- able and useful. Your day with us did just that. My objective was to get everybody out of the office and get them thinking about their active participation in both their professional and personal lives. You did a great job of bridging the two, and demonstrating how we create our own magical moments. We had fun, we learned about ourselves, and we learned about each other. Thank you again for the effort that went in to making this a memorable event."

Russell Gnant,
President, Spectrum Digital Services, Inc.

Mitch Williams Inspires!

Looking for an uplifting and fun motivational keynote speaker for your next conference, an inspiring youth speaker, an after dinner program for a banquet? Are you tired of dry, boring speakers that put people to sleep? Look no further. Mitch Williams ' customized programs are guaranteed to inspire and delight your guests.

As an authority on creativity, peak performance, and personal development, Mitch has the knowledge and insight to inspire and inform your guests in fun ways they'll remember for months to come. As an international award winning entertainer and an expert at sleight of hand magic, Mitch knows how to make his programs dynamic, entertaining, and absolutely unforgettable.

Motivational Speaking Taken to Inspiring New Heights:

Mitch uses his skills as a magic entertainer to make his programs absolutely unforgettable and inspiring. By seamlessly integrating magic custom designed to illustrate and reinforce main topic points, Mitch makes all his talks more memorable, uplifting, and informative.

It's been proven that information presented in fun, emotionally engaging ways is retained better, remembered longer, and likely to be applied much more thoroughly. Mitch's programs are the perfect combination of education, inspiration, and pure unadulterated fun!

Contact Mitch to book him as an inspirational keynote speaker for your corporate, association, or organization events; or as a motivational youth speaker for assembly programs, youth conferences, or colleges.